Most students will be able to register online through Penn InTouch (PIT).

Some of our courses are 'Permit only' courses where access is restricted to only MBE students. If you encounter a 'needs permission' message when you try to register through PIT, just contact for an authorization to register.

DMD/MBE and MD/MBE students do not have access to PIT and they must email directly with their course requests and the MBE office will handle their registration.

JD/MBE students are in a special situation in that the Law School handles its registration like a lottery. Students put in requests and must wait until very late to find out which courses they've been registered in. JD/MBE students should submit their MBE course requests as soon as they know them so that the MBE office can unofficially hold spaces for them. Once they learn their JD schedule, students should again contact us so that MBE registration can be completed.

Special Note Regarding the Mediation Intensives: For students not enrolled in the Clinical Ethics Mediation Certificate Program, only 1 CU of mediation intensives can be used towards your degree.


Generally, the Add period ends 2 weeks into the semester; this is also the last day to drop a class with no financial penalty. The formal Drop period is generally the fourth week of the semester. Dropping a course between week 2 and 4 results in a 50% financial penalty. After 4 weeks you will need to petition the Program Director for a withdrawal. Normally, permission is granted and a W (withdrawal) is recorded on your transcript. Students who withdraw have full financial obligation, except in documented cases of illness, military service, or other extraordinary circumstances when they may petition for a 50% refund.

Special Note for International Students

Any international student here on an F-1 or J-1 visa must register for courses for each semester they are here. What this means is that you cannot carry an incomplete in your last semester; if you are registered for 3 courses in the Spring, and you have an incomplete in one of them with plans to finish the incomplete over the summer and graduate in August, this is not allowed. PennISSS will see that you have not yet graduated, have an active I-20, but no registration. This raises red flags with the ISSS, and if not addressed, leads to red flags with the Department of Homeland Security. Any international student with questions or concerns about their registration and timely completion of the degree should contact

Grade Requirements

Students must earn at least a B in Introduction to Clinical Bioethics (BIOE 601) and in Conceptual Foundations (BIOE 602) and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to remain a student in good standing in the program. An incomplete grade must be resolved within 5 years of the course. If an incomplete is not completed, the course will have to be taken again (and paid for again). Students who receive 3 incomplete's may not register for the subsequent term without permission from the Director of Education.


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