March 20, 2020

Selected Coronavirus Media Coverage from the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy


Here's a roundup of some of the Covid-19 media coverage involving members of our department.

STAT: Doctors working while sick is bad enough in ordinary times. During the Covid-19 outbreak it could be catastrophic

The New York Times: The coronavirus is here to stay, so what happens next?

CNBC: Wharton business school is using the coronavirus pandemic as a learning opportunity

WHYY RadioTimes: Coping with coronavirus anxiety

Financial Times: US health body's reputation takes a knock over coronavirus

Mother Jones: 4 Recommendations for Dealing With the Coronavirus from a Public Health Dream Team

MSNBC: Trump pushing for a coronavirus vaccine, but concerns over cost have risen

WTTW: The Psychology of Coronavirus vs. Climate Change: Why We Mobilize for One, Not the Other

WHYY: Preparing for the Coronavirus

USA Today: The best thing everyday Americans can do to fight coronavirus? #StayHome, save lives

MSNBC: Dr. Zeke Emanuel: The further spread of coronavirus has to be prevented by social distancing

Yahoo: The military should be mobilized for the coronavirus pandemic

STAT: Coronavirus model shows individual hospitals what to expect in the coming weeks

The New York Times: How the coronavirus may force doctors to decide who can live and who dies

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Coronavirus ‘roller coaster’ will last months, not weeks, experts predict

MSNBC: Social Distancing Is of Vital Importance

USA Today: 'Who lives and who dies': In worst-case coronavirus scenario, ethics guide choices on who gets care

MSNBC: Medical experts answer your questions about coronavirus

TIME: Why Can the Utah Jazz Get Coronavirus Testing, But I Can't?

MSNBC: Concerns of subsequent surges cloud long term view of coronavirus spread in U.S.

MSNBC: Doctor criticizes Sen. Paul for not self-quarantining

Bloomberg: Investors Bet Billions on Virtual Doctor Visits Before Virus Fueled a Boom

The Philadelphia Inquirer: The government should pay Americans to take coronavirus tests. Here’s why.

Technically Philly: Penn Medicine released a digital tool to help hospitals with COVID-19 capacity planning

NPR: U.S. Health Care System Steps Up To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

POLITICO: 'Bad advice from the president': Trump touts unproven coronavirus drugs

AXIOS: Coronavirus inspires divergent messages and misinformation

The New York Times: Fourteen Days. That’s the Most Time We Have to Defeat Coronavirus.

ABC: Hospitals trying to figure out how they would ration ventilators as coronavirus cases rise in New York

Harvard Business Review: Hospitals Need Cash. Health Insurers Have It.

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