October 28, 2020 | Philadelphia Magazine

Dr. Zeke Emanuel Named One of Phillymag’s 76 Most Influential Philadelphians

Congratulations to our department’s Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD, who was named one of Phillymag’s 76 most influential Philadelphians.

Dr. Emanuel was in part selected because of the leadership he has shown during the COVID-19 pandemic, his appointment to Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, and the two books he published in 2020: Which Country Has the World’s Best Health Care? and The Trillion Dollar Revolution. The Phillymag article also noted Dr. Emanuel’s prior achievement helping enact the Affordable Care Act and his role as a health adviser to President Barack Obama.

The November cover story featured innovators, activists, artists, doctors, and more, including several other individuals from Penn such as University President Amy Gutmann and University of Pennsylvania Health System CEO Kevin Mahoney. 

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