June 26, 2023

Innovation in Prostate Cancer Care: Frailty, Bone Health, and Cardiovascular Screening

In this discussion, Alicia Morgans interviews Ravi Parikh about his session on interventions to prevent or mitigate frailty in prostate cancer patients. Dr. Parikh emphasizes the necessity of screening for frailty and tailoring treatment strategies for older patients who may experience different side effects. He elaborates on strategies such as prehabilitation before prostate cancer surgery and addressing cardiometabolic factors and bone health during androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). Notably, Dr. Parikh highlights the unmet need for a larger evidence base for interventions to address frailty. Furthermore, he underscores the importance of bone health and cardiovascular screenings, considering the increased risk of cardiovascular events and fractures in patients undergoing ADT. Dr. Parikh concludes by expressing hope for improved patient outcomes through an integrated approach, including routine geriatric assessments and targeted interventions.

Watch their full interview here.

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