February 4, 2020

Neurology Today Names Department Paper Best Advance of 2019 in Cognitive Neurology/Dementia

Congratulations to our department's Emily Largent, Dominic Sisti, Jason Karlawish, and Pamela Sankar, whose paper (alongside Mélanie Terrasse and Kristin Harkins) related to physician-assisted death attitudes among those with an Alzheimer disease biomarker was highlighted as a “Best Advance of 2019 in Cognitive Neurology/Dementia” by Neurology Today.

Read the JAMA Neurology paper, "Attitudes Toward Physician-Assisted Death From Individuals Who Learn They Have an Alzheimer Disease Biomarker" here.

Neurology Today said this was important because: "Given the increasing push for prevention studies in Alzheimer's disease and the development of increasingly accurate and accessible diagnostic tests for AD related biomarkers, it is imperative that we understand the potential benefits and hazards of cognitively-normal adults learning about whether they have abnormal AD pathologies that significantly increase their risk for developing dementia. We have truly entered into a stage in AD research where the neurobiological underpinnings of the disease can be identified prior to the development of clinical impairment. Although this offers the opportunity for greater chances of identifying disease-modifying therapies, until there are effective preventive therapies it is absolutely critical that we understand how this type of information affects our patients."

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