April 9, 2021 | Philadelphia ICA

In Conversation: Louis Massiah, Jonathan Moreno, and Alex Pittman

From the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art:

William Greaves’s cinematic social experiment, In the Company of Men, encapsulates many of the central themes present in Jessica Vaughn’s exhibition, Our Primary Focus Is To Be Successful, specifically how Black bodies have been historically marginalized within the workplace. Commissioned by Newsweek magazine in 1969, the film chronicles the racial tension between labor and management at a southern auto plant. Greaves employed socioodrama, a therapeutic methodology pioneered by psychiatrist J.L. Moreno, as a means to investigate the complexities inherent in this power dynamic. Join the Philly ICA on April 14 from 6:30 to 8 PM EST for an engaging discussion between documentary filmmaker Louis Massiah, Penn Professor Jonathan Moreno, and Professor Alex Pittman as they provide further context for the film.

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