Claire Erickson
  • Titles:
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Education:
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD, Neuroscience
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Masters, Public Affairs
  • The Ohio State University, BS, Neuroscience

Claire Erickson is a neuroscientist focusing on the return of Alzheimer's disease biomarker results and its broader implications for individuals, policy, and society. She received her BS in neuroscience from the Ohio State University (and remains a die-hard Buckeye). Claire then completed her Master's in public affairs and PhD in neuroscience as a part of the Neuroscience & Public Policy program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, she developed a novel beta-amyloid PET disclosure protocol which both returned results to cognitively unimpaired participants and provided a lifestyle counseling session in the hopes of bolstering brain health. Claire is interested in integrating her work in Alzheimer's research with long-term care and aging policymaking.

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