Martha J. Farah

Martha J. Farah, PhD
  • Titles:
  • Walter H. Annenberg Professor in Natural Sciences
  • Director, Center for Neuroscience & Society
  • Professor of Psychology
  • Secondary Professor in Department of Neurology, PSOM; Medical Ethics and Health Policy; Human Development and Quantitative Methods, GSE
  • Education:
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Harvard University

Dr. Farah is a cognitive neuroscientist who works on problems at the interface of neuroscience and society.  These include:

  • the effects of childhood poverty on brain development
  • the expanding use of neuropsychiatric medications by healthy people for brain enhancement
  • novel uses of brain imaging, in e.g. legal, diagnostic and educational contexts
  • the many ways in which neuroscience is changing the way we think of ourselves as physical, mental, moral and spiritual beings


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