May 4, 2020

May 4: Weekly Round-Up of COVID-19 Coverage

Here's a roundup of some of the COVID-19 media coverage involving members of our department.

Politico: FDA authorizes emergency use of coronavirus drug remdesivir

WHYY: Outbreaks and Epidemics: The Role of Public Health

New York Times: This Drug May Cause Birth Defects. Japan’s Pushing It for Coronavirus

Good Morning America: Unprecedented rush to find COVID-19 vaccine

Law360: UPenn Law Prof On How Public Health Policy Must Improve

Cancer Health Treatment News: Some Cancer Care Shifts to the Home to Reduce Coronavirus Risks

Penn Today: As society looks for a 'new normal,' is antibody testing a way forward?

NPR: Doctor Comments On The Health Messaging Of The Trump Administration

Harvard Business Review: How Should We Allocate Scarce Medical Resources?

CBS Philly: Coronavirus Philadelphia: Penn Medicine Doctor Believes Health Care Workers Will See Effects Of Traumatic Stress ‘Long After This Is Over’

The New York Times: Explainer: What Does New Data Say About Gilead's Experimental Coronavirus Drug?

The Philadelphia Inquirer: As coronavirus shut down support systems, the struggles of dementia patients and caregivers only get worse | Opinion

MSNBC: Amid test supply shortage, most academic labs go unused

MSNBC: Trump uses Defense Protection Act to order meat plants stay open

Men's Health: Missouri Is the First State to Allow People to Attend Live Events During the Pandemic

Quartz: Will challenge trials give us a safe coronavirus vaccine faster?

The Philadelphia Inquirer: The death rate from coronavirus is lower than we think. That’s bad news.

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