October 16, 2020

Dr. Zeke Emanuel Wins ASBH Lifetime Achievement Award

Our department’s Zeke Emanuel, MD, PhD, has been honored with the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) Lifetime Achievement Award, which is the Society’s highest honor and recognizes longstanding achievement in bioethics and/or the medical humanities.

“In my estimation, no one, including all those who have won the award previously, deserves this honor more than Zeke does,” NIH’s David Degrazia, PhD, said in the ASBH video congratulating Dr. Emanuel. “His overall contributions to bioethics and medical humanities has been enormous.”

Dr. Emanuel thanked ASBH for the tremendous honor and noted what an important moment in time this was for the field of bioethics during the pandemic.

“It is a moment of inflection where bioethics as a field is clearly part of the core of biomedicine, not seen as secondary, not seen as an afterthought, but is seen as something that is integral to biomedicine,” Dr. Emanuel said in the video. “We need to take that and rise to the challenge and show that bioethics can answer the various demands and questions put to it.

View Dr. Emanuel’s acceptance speech here.

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