March 18, 2021

Dr. Connie Ulrich (PI) Awarded a D43 Grant to Develop Bioethics Scholars in Tanzania

Dr. Connie Ulrich (PI) along with her colleague and Co-Investigator Dr. Jon Merz in the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy have been awarded a D43 from the Fogarty International Center at the NIH (1D43TW011809-01) for ENGAGE: Educating and Developing Bioethicists in Tanzania.

This 5-year award will develop bioethics scholars who can integrate theory, research, and public-health policy and become intellectual and academic leaders in the field of bioethics relevant to the country.

The goal of ENGAGE is to:
(1) Recruit and train six individuals at the doctoral level
(2) Prepare the next generation of bioethics scholars who will be at the forefront of scientific inquiry and advancement of the public’s health in Tanzania
(3) Develop a sustainable research capacity for bioethics in the region

There is no institution in Tanzania that offers formal bioethics training at the doctoral level. Thus, the country and the region will benefit from doctoral prepared bioethicists who have the skills to address the country’s most pressing bioethics and public health-related problems.

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