April 27, 2020

April 27: Weekly Round-Up of COVID-19 Coverage

Here's a roundup of some of the COVID-19 media coverage involving members of our department.

Wall Street Journal: Hundreds Receive Plasma From Recovered Coronavirus Patients in National Study

MSNBC: Bill Gates: With the right testing framework, schools could reopen in September

The New York Times: There Are More Cases Than We Thought. Is That Good News?

Washington Post: Here's how the NFL can still have a 2020 season

MSNBC: Emanuel: Wearing a mask should be as necessary as wearing a seatbelt

The Atlantic: Business and Science Are Pointing in the Same Direction

MSNBC: Dr. Zeke Emanuel: States reopening are not being consistent with the president's guidelines

Washington Post: As protesters swarm state capitols, much of the coronavirus backlash is coming from within

Buzzfeed News: When Will Your State Reopen? Here's The Data Being Used To Decide.

New York Times: The Cold Calculations Governors Will Have to Make Before Reopening

WTAE Pittsburgh: Some Democratic PA lawmakers rebuke calls for a 'rush to reopen' in the face of COVID-19 pandemic

Social Work Helper: New White Paper Provides Triage Blueprint for COVID-19 Pandemic to Protect People with Disabilities

Penn Today: 'Disease knows no borders'

The Aspen Institute: How Will America Reopen? A Bioethicist Weighs In

Buzzfeed: Everyone Wants To Know If They Already Had The Coronavirus. Some People May Be Preying On That.

Washington Post: Anxiety is high because of coronavirus. Here's how you can feel better.

All Inclusive: How Do Healthcare Providers Treat Patients Equally During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The New York Times: Why Georgia Isn’t Ready to Reopen, in Charts

CBS3: Coronavirus Philadelphia: Penn Medicine Doctor Believes Health Care Workers Will See Effects Of Traumatic Stress ‘Long After This Is Over’

Petrie-Flom Center: Preparing to Go Back to the Bedside During COVID-19: A Nurse-Turned-Bioethicist Reflects

Law360: UPenn Law Prof On How Public Health Policy Must Improve

Cancer Health Treatment News: Some Cancer Care Shifts to the Home to Reduce Coronavirus Risks

Penn Today: As society looks for a 'new normal,' is antibody testing a way forward?

NPR: Doctor Comments On The Health Messaging Of The Trump Administration

New York Magazine: Face Mask Merch Has, Inevitably, Arrived

Harvard Business Review: How Should We Allocate Scarce Medical Resources?

The New York Times: Explainer: What Does New Data Say About Gilead's Experimental Coronavirus Drug?

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