July 1, 2020 | STAT

An experiment in end-of-life care: Tapping AI’s cold calculus to nudge the most human of conversations

From STAT:

STAT spoke with 15 clinicians, researchers, developers, and experts in AI and palliative care to understand how such AI models are being deployed at Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, and a community oncology practice near Seattle — and how they might be received by patients and providers if they’re rolled out more widely.


The decision to initiate an advance care planning conversation is also informed by many other factors, such as a clinician’s judgment and a patient’s symptoms and lab results.

“What we explicitly said to clinicians was: ‘If the algorithm would be the only reason you’re having a conversation with this patient, that’s not enough of a good reason to have the conversation — because the algorithm could be wrong,’” said Penn’s Ravi Parikh.

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