May 2, 2019 | Penn Medicine News

A Newcomer to Health Innovation Shares Her Experience

“I have a very strong interest in implementation science, especially when it comes to finding the best ways to close the knowledge and time gaps necessary to take up new practices that could improve health care for everyone,” said Ando, DO, a Family Medicine physician within Penn Primary Care.

In just a few weeks, Ando and her fellow classmates will be the first to receive this master’s degree. However, this unique training has already paid off: in October, Ando was named associate medical director of Practice Transformation and director of Diversity and Health Equity of Penn Primary Care. In her new roles, Ando travels to different practices within the health system to get the perspective from different offices and see where progress can be made in delivering even better care.

“We all want to do the right thing by our patients,” Ando said. “That’s the thread between all of our practices and gives me hope.”

In the midst of her first official year in the health innovation world, Ando shares what she’s learned and what she’s been able to do already.


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