Research Areas


Ezekiel J. Emanuel

Ezekiel J. Emanuel , MD, PhD

  • Diane v.S. Levy & Robert M. Levy Professor
  • Vice Provost for Global Initiatives
  • Chair, Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy
  • Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) Professor

Primary Faculty

Autumn Fiester

Autumn Fiester , PhD

  • Assistant Chair for Education & Training
  • Director, Penn Program in Clinical Conflict Management
Jonathan D. Moreno, PhD

Jonathan D. Moreno, PhD

  • David & Lyn Silfen University Professor, Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy and of History & Sociology of Science
  • Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) Professor
  • Professor of Philosophy (by courtesy)
morenojd@mail.med.upenn.edu @pennprof
Lance Walhert

Lance Walhert , PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy
  • Master of Bioethics (MBE) Program Director
  • Director, Project on Bioethics, Sexuality, and Gender Identity
  • Core Faculty, Alice Paul Center for Research on Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies

Affiliated Faculty

Chris Feudtner

Chris Feudtner , MD, PhD, MPH

  • Steven D. Handler Endowed Chair of Medical Ethics, The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Attending Physician & Research Director, PACT & ICS; The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
Jason Karlawish

Jason Karlawish , MD

  • Professor of Medicine
  • Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
jason.karlawish@upenn.edu @jasonkarlawish
Joshua B. Kayser

Joshua B. Kayser , MD, MPH, MBE

  • Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit, Cpl. Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center
  • Associate Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy

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