The Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy

Colket Translational Research Building, Room 1200B

Ethics and Pricing of Innovative Drugs Lecture: With Keynote Address "Ethics and Pricing of Innovative Drugs" presented by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD

1402 Blockley Hall

Susan Lindee, PhD: Radiation and medical risk, in the context of my work on Hiroshima, Fukushima, thyroid screening and scientific uncertainty.

Suite 200, Goddard Labs, 3710 Hamilton Walk

Division of Medical Ethics Invited Speaker co-hosted with CNS and the Penn Memory Center | David Lyreskog

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Media Feature
July 14, 2017
An Architect of Obamacare Keeps Fighting the Fight

Ezekiel Emanuel advised the Obama Administration on the A.C.A. Now he’s meeting with a new White House, to try to keep health as the focus of a new health-care bill.

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