Funding Opportunities

MBE Travel Fund

The MBE Travel Fund is the result of a 2007 Bioethics Alumni Society Initiative. The Fund is designed to provide small travel grants to current MBE students who are presenting papers at professional bioethics-related conferences. The money is to be used towards expenses associated with attending the conference.  Currently, the MBE Travel Fund may award up to $200 in travel grants to up to 3 students per year.  For more information about the fund, who is eligible to apply, etc, please click here.  To download the MBE Travel Fund Application, please click here.

Other Funding Opportunities

Unfortunately, the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy does not have additional scholarship or grant opportunities. There are, however, some resources available to you as graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania:

Outside of the these, there are some ways that your fellow MBE students and alum have helped to fund the degree.

  • Many students are employees at the University of Pennsylvania, who take a limited number of classes per semester with tuition benefits. See Penn's HR tuition benefits website for more information, and click here for the Jobs@Penn website to search job opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania.

There is also an organization called The Foundation Center, which helps grant-seekers find foundation funding for non-profits, education, arts, etc, and they have a significant amount of materials and information that might be helpful for students interested in finding grant money for their education and/or research. There is a Cooperating Collection in the Vine Street branch of the Philadelphia Free Library. Click here for more information

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