October 13, 2018

ASBH 2018: Full Schedule of Sessions by Penn Medical Ethics Faculty, Fellows and Fellowship Alumni

Thursday, 10/18 8am-12pm
Pre-Con Workshop: Advanced Facilitation Skills for Clinical Ethics Consultation
Autumn Fiester
Magic Kingdom Balllroom 3

Thursday, 10/18 1:15-2:15pm
Paper Presentation: Clinicians’ Understandings of Uncertainty in
Genetic Testing for Inherited Cardiac Disease
Kellie Owens
North Exhibit G-H

Thursday, 10/18 1:15-2:15pm
Research Benefits and International Collaborative Health
Research in African Countries
Bege Dauda

Thursday, 10/18 2:30-3:30pm
Navigating the Future of Direct-to-Consumer Brain Enhancement Technology
Anna Wexler (presenter and moderator)
Monorail B-C

Friday, 10/19 12:45-1:45pm
Affinity Group Panel: Medical Decision Making
Jen Walter
Castle A

Friday, 10/19 12:45-1:45pm
Medical Decision Making Affinity Group: a lively debate on the primacy of autonomy
Elliott Weiss (moderator), Nick Evans (Panelist)
Castle A

Friday, 10/19 3:45-5:15pm
Annual Members Meeting and Awards
Jonathan Moreno receiving Lifetime Achievement Award

Friday, 10/19 5:30-6:30pm
Annual MBE Wine & Cheese & Bioethics, Sexuality, and Gender Identity Affinity Group
Autumn Fiester
Magic Kingdom Ballroom 4

Saturday, 10/20 8am
Panel: Uncertain Application of Traditional Research Ethics Principles to the Oversight of Human Challenge Trials
Annette Rid, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Seema K. Shah
Magic Kingdom Ballroom 4

Saturday, 10/20 8-9am
Emerging Topics in Law, Policy, & Organizational Ethics - Ethics of Do-It-Yourself Medicine
Anna Wexler

Saturday, 10/20 10:30am-12pm
Panel: Association of Bioethics Program Directors Workshop: Pursuing a Career in Bioethics
Moderator: Steve Joffe; Presenters: David Magnus, Paul Ford, Susan Lederer, Amy Maguire
Disneyland Grand Ballroom

Saturday, 10/20 2-3pm
Uncertain Times Call for Empirical Bioethics: Using Qualitative and Quantitative Methods to Inform Debate About Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
Stephanie Morain, Stephanie Kraft, Emily Largent, and Jeremy Sugarman
Disneyland Grand Ballroom

Saturday, 10/20 3:15pm
Panel: Addressing Lingering Uncertainty About Paying Research Participants
Holly Fernandez Lynch, Alex John London, Emily A. Largent
Magic Kingdom Ballroom 4

Sunday, 10/21 8:30-9:30am
Panel: “Is it time to Share Qualitative Research Data? Identifying opportunities and challenges”
Jessica Mozersky
Magic Kingdom Ballroom 3

Sunday, 10/21 9:45am
“Gender and Racial Discrimination in Public Health Ethics: The Case of the Opioid Epidemic”
Nick Evans
Mark Twain

Sunday, 10/21 11:30am
Panel: "Quality Improvement Ethics: An Institutional Collaboration"
Chris Feudtner
North exhibit I-J

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