Mary K. Walton

Mary K. Walton, MSN, MBE, RN
  • Titles:
  • Director, Patient and Family Centered Care
  • Nurse Ethicist, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
  • Education:
  • MBE, University of Pennsylvania
  • MSN, University of Pennsylvania
  • BSN, University of Pennsylvania

Ms. Walton is the Director of Patient-and Family-Centered Care and Nurse Ethicist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP). Her background includes decades of clinical practice providing care to children with significant chronic health issues and to their families. Her ethics practice experience includes leadership for two hospital-based ethics committee and ethics consultation services. Ms. Walton has lead organization-wide initiatives in academic health care settings focused on cultural competency and implementing evidence-based practice standards. Current administrative responsibilities include leading system wide efforts to improve the patient experience of care in the acute care hospital setting. As co-chair of a Patient and Family Advisory Council, she promotes the engagement of patients and family caregivers in system-wide quality improvement projects. Her leadership of the clinical ethics program at HUP involves working with front line clinicians to address the value-laden concerns that arise in care in support of an ethical practice environment.

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